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Say hello to Naomi! She’s the creator of Say Hello Sweets, Canada’s first 100% vegan ice cream truck! Check out the interview for more on how her pup, BabyCakes was the inspiration for it all… The truck is always moving around in the Summer, but in the winter you can find her most popular ice cream flavours (like Café No Lait, Notorious NOG, Mint to Be) online on her website or some retailers across Vancouver. Plus, she just started a Kickstarter Campaign Read the rest at Hooked On Plants
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How a dog named Babycakes inspired a vegan ice cream business

Fans of dairy-free desserts surely know Say Hello Sweets, Vancouver’s own vegan ice cream truck has been scooping the past two summers, and their delicious treats are available at Friendly Snackbar. What fans may not know is that the business got started as a unique way to raise money for Say Hello Sweets’ owner Naomi Arnaut to care for her sick dog, Babycakes. Read the rest at Vancouver Is Awesome
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Say Hello Sweets: A Business Started By Surprise

Starting Say Hello Sweets, a vegan ice cream truck in Vancouver, British Columbia, was essentially an accident. In spring 2015, Naomi Arnaut’s dog, Babycakes, needed emergency surgery and after seeing the interest rate on the vet bill, she knew she had to do something to help her cover the costs. Read the rest at Futurpreneur Canada
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Fluffy Kittens bring B.C.’s best frozen treats to Chinatown

Fluffy Kittens owners, husband and wife team Claudine Michaud and Kieren Beattie, outsource all of the locally-made frozen treats offered in house, including cashew and coconut-based ice cream from Say Hello Sweets, creative popsicles from Johnny’s Pops, organic craft freezies from Tubify and gelato from popular Okanagan-based Artisto. Read more at Metro News
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Food Notes: Say Hello Sweets is the new must-try ice cream truck in town

When Naomi Arnaut’s dog, Babycakes, needed emergency surgery, no one could have imagined the nerve-racking experience would lead to the launch of a dessert food truck. To pay down the exorbitant vet bill, the Penn State Science of Ice Cream course graduate hosted a by-donation ice cream tasting. The event was such a hit, friends and family kept ordering Naomi’s sweet specialty. Within months, she’d bought an old mail truck and was planning her business. Read more at MetroNews
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Say Hello Sweets: New ice cream truck rolls into town

It has been a long road, but Say Hello Sweets is finally up and driving. Owned and operated by Naomi Arnaut, the pastel-coloured food truck (almost good enough to lick) offers small-batch ice cream and coffee. Those who hunt down the roaming food truck can expect to find luxury (shockingly creamy) non-dairy ice cream, handcrafted with whole food ingredients. Read the rest at...
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First Taste of Say Hello Sweets

With a passion to open her own ice cream truck Naomi Arnaut did just that. An ice cream truck with a mobile license, her colourful truck will be roaming all over the city from busy streets outside of the downtown core to festivals in the city and beyond. After testing out recipe after recipe on a small ice cream machine at home, she went to Ice Cream university in Penn State to learn all ... Read more at Vancouver Foodster 
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4 new Vancouver food trucks to track down in 2016

Ice cream lovers will want to hunt down the Say Hello Sweets food truck this summer. Owned and soon-to-be operated my Naomi Arnaut, the Say Hello Sweets truck will offer hand-crafted, small-batch ice cream, made from quality whole foods. Expect to find enticing flavour combos, like honey black sesame, maple rhubarb, sea salt with caramel ribbons, strawberry basil, Tahitian vanilla, and chocolate chili. Read more at Vancity Buzz
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Say Hello Sweets: Small batch ice cream handmade in Vancouver

Vancouver’s ice creameries really stepped up their game this year. Created from locally-sourced ingredients, handcrafted in small batches, and offering unique and delicious flavour combos, these ice cream makers have really cultivated a niche market, expanding the city’s ice cream horizons. Now a new kid on the block, named Say Hello Sweets, is making gourmet ice cream. Read the rest at Vancity Buzz
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